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I drew my most recent Hawke as I imagine him while I play. Too bad I can’t actually give him piercings in game. He’d have a lot of them. 

So far he seems the fair and noble type with a sense of humor, though he has acted out with his little anger hammer from time to time. So I’d say he’s fairly chaotic neutral.

Pro-freedom, anti-circle Mage, romantically stuck between a broody  slave elf and a delicious pirate woman who may or may not run away soon.

More on that later should I feel like/have time to be drawing any more of him~
Um, Hawke…

Emergency commissions are still open!

Commission for WhitewolfThanks hun! hope you like it! C: ♥

Emergency commissions!


I don’t normally do stuff like this but my loans are due in 4 days and I am short 45 dollars! So I am going to open 10$ full body color commissions! It will all be through PayPal and anything would be a huge help! Please spread the word even if you aren’t interested.

Emergency commissions are still open!

Commission for eccentricitiessThanks again bby ♥
Did I ever mention I’m a RT/AH fan? No? Well, surprise c:
I had this idea for a while, and decided to use my commission break time to doodle this poster idea thing. 
Was thinking of making an homage to the other heists, but we’ll see if I can come up with anything good. For now, have this.


Emergency commissions are still open!

Commission for IndianakattThanks again sweetheart~ ;v; <3

Emergency commissions are still open!

Commission for RoyaljelliefishThankyouuuu~~~

Commissions still open for laptop funding!

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support by reblogging and liking my post. I can’t thank you enough for spreading the word.

Every little but counts. I have headshot sketches for 4 dollars if anyone is interested in donating at small amounts! I know asking for monetary help can seem needy, but I’m really really desperate to collect as much as I can before this baby dies on me for good.

If you can help and or spread the word, that would be much appreciated too! Thank you!

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