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Journal Entry Nº 32, 9:38 Dragon
Fenris and I rarely have any nights of passion. They happen, but far and few in between. Much to Isabella’s disappointment (and she’s very vocal about it every morning, believe me), most of our nights are spent keeping up with Fenris’ reading, or simply curling up in bed enjoying our time together, rather than worrying about blood Mages or equally corrupt Templars, in which their absence have made my life much less stressful, thank the maker.
I suppose you could say our time on the sea away from Kirkwall has been a beneficial one, though I for one quickly proved to be a very incompetent sailor. I’m sure Varric would piss himself off his stool with that bit of information. Perhaps I should write him a letter…

Suddenly felt compelled to draw this. DA:I is close at hand, so I’ve been on a wire. 
My endgame headcanon for them was that they sailed away with Isabella, (she jokingly suggests it in her second questioning beliefs quest) remaining anonymous while doing whatever pirates do to pass the time, and sending anonymous little letters to Varric back in Kirkwall to keep him the in the loop that yes, they were all still alive and well. 
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have you never heard of “what’s dead should stay dead” smh don’t try messing with the balance of the universe just buy a Bugatti and forget about your grandpa
its exactly what it looks like. -




Morning guys. I hope you remember today that if you slip up you can restart your day at any time. You don’t have to wait til the next day to start over. Just sit down, breathe for a few minutes, and start again. 

I like this. I really like this.

Reading this everyday for the weeks to come.